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Feature request : admin giving admin rights to another user

Question asked by jbaton on Dec 9, 2005
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2005 by andy
Hello all,

Congrats for 1.1 !

Here is an interesting use case.

Consider that on the alfresco server, there are subspaces created like this :

root contains projects
projects contains project1 AND  project2 ….

project1 contains subprojectA AND subprojectB AND … AND subprojectZ

subprojectA is leaded by userA
subprojectB is leaded by userB

userA needs to be administrator of subprojectA space (and underneath) so that he can master the content and assign roles to other users without having to log in as 'admin' (which should be known by as few person as possible)  (or bother the admin man).

What would be great is to add the role "administrator" in the 'role-select-box' of the 'manage space users'/'invite  user' screen.

Is it possible or not ?