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Aspects for metadata templates

Question asked by hsjawanda on Dec 10, 2005
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2005 by gavinc

I am planning to have "metadata templates" for assets.  The idea is that the user selects a template from a "modify asset" kind of page, and is presented with metadata (property) fields to fill out – of course, these fields and their types are determined by the template.

I wanted to have my plan double-checked by people more knowledgeable than myself :-).

I know I can create aspects dynamically and that is how I am going to implement metadata templates (henceforth called mtemplates for convenience). This works fine while the server is up and running.  What happens when the server is restarted?  How do I make sure that aspects created during runtime are still available with the same definitions after a server restart?

Would it be do-able by writing out my dynamically created aspects to an XML file, and to configure DictionaryService to read this XML file so that the definitions would be available always?  Any other idea?

How can I create/simulate a datatype that corresponds to a drop-down list (basically, a limited set of Strings that can be chosen)?