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How to deploy Alfresco as a portlet / app in Liferay?

Question asked by syg6 on Dec 12, 2005
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2005 by steve
Hello all.

We are trying to deply Alfresco as either an application or portlet in Liferay and we are having problems. Up until now we simply used an iFrame portlet with a URL pointing to our alfresco installation (in another Tomcat instance). But this is not a very elegant solution. We would like to deploy Alfresco, either as a portlet or an app in Liferay in the same Tomcat instance. We have been reading about the Liferay Portlet Deployer Tool but can't find any documentation about it. We tried copying the alfresco.war into the liferay webaps directory and it crashes and burns. A lot.

Anyone ever done this before? And while we are at it, does anyone happen to know how to get the alfresco portlet / app to use single sign-on in Liferay, ie. login once to Liferay and have alfresco use this login? I know this is a Liferay issue, I am just asking in case someone has alrady done it. I know Liferay is capable but again, I can't find any info about the subject in the documentation.

Thanks in advance.