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Can you run a rule against an automatically checked in doc?

Question asked by omegerard on Dec 12, 2005

I'm trying to apply some rules sensibly to create a simple approval workflow and would like to have a document moved after it has been checked by a rule.

Let me explain:

By moving a checked out document from space A to space B, the document is automatically checked in due to an inbound rule specified on space B. As the protected file is in space C, the "working document" is checked out to space C. Now I would like this document be moved as soon as it is checked in again on the basis of a label that is attached by a rule specified in space B (I hope I haven't lost you by now).  Obviously, this should be done by a rule specified in space C. But, an inbound rule does not seem to work. I doubt whether it should be a rule in the background. An outbound rule seems very unlikely.

Or am I trying to do the impossible?