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Question asked by markthompson23 on Dec 12, 2005
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2005 by gavinc
I was wondering if it would be possible/desirable to add to the web client a 'faces-config-custom.xml' file along with a reference in the 'web.xml' file.

The 'faces-config-custom.xml' file would be empty but would allow for adding custom beans or components without the need for modifying the 'web.xml' file whenever the web client gets updated (obviously the 'faces-config-custom.xml' file would have to be replaced each time).  I'm thinking it would be similar to the way 'extension' models work.

I'm going to be modifying the web client and I thought it would best to leave the existing config files intact (to the extent possible).

Anyway, I'm new to jsf so this may be a bad idea but I thought I would ask.