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Looking for info on Portlets

Question asked by alexeyg on Dec 16, 2005
I am somewhat new to the JSR-168 and Portals/Portlets stuff.

The JSR-168 specification does not address portlet aggregation.  How is this done in Alfresco?

"Each portal server vendor will implement its own aggregation and desktop customization features. The Portlet Specification reference mplementation provides a basic aggregation framework, which is simpler than those offered by most commercial portal servers."

Any helpful documents on this as well as portal aggregation in general are appreciated.

Namely, how do I specify the layout of portlets?  How can I specify for the Portal to use different portlets in one space based on user preferences?

Also, does Alfresco support any Portlet modes other than those in the Spec?
"Portal vendor-specific modes: These modes are not defined in the specification and are therefore vendor specific."

I woudl appreciate any info or links on how to deploy, aggregate, and replace portals in Alfresco based on user preferences or business actions.

Thank You!