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JBoss AS vs Tomcat = Portlet vs JSP/Servlet?

Question asked by alexeyg on Dec 16, 2005
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2005 by kevinr
I just need a quick clarification… want to make sure I got this right.

Alfresco itself does not rely on JBoss, JBoss Portal or any JSR-168 implementation.

Alfresco CMS interface can run as a JSP/Servlet application in Tomcat, or as a Portlet in JBoss Portal.

JBoss Portal only works on JBoss AS.

Options if you want to use Alfresco in Portal environment (build custom Portlets that use JCR/CMS while using Alfresco for CMS, user administration, etc):

1) Use JBoss AS + JBoss Portal, run Alfresco as Portlet, write app Portlets.

2) Use Other AS, run another JSR-168 compatible Portal, run Alfresco as JSP/Servlet, write app Portlets.

3) Use Other AS, run another JSR-168 compatible Portal, deploy Alfresco as Portlet, write app Portlets.

Downside of 1: Locked into JBoss
Downside of 2: Alfresco not running as Portlet (is this really a downside?)
Donwside of 3: Have to configure Alfresco to work with a different Portal (standards… is this difficult?)

I'm new to JSF…  are there JSF-specific considerations for these options?  Also, are there benefits to running Alfresco as a Portlet? 

Basically, we need Guests to have view-only rights, Users rights to only add articles, and Admins to have full CMS access.  We are thinking about writting Portlets that interact with JCR for Guests/Users, and exposing full-blown Alfresco CMS to Admins.