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Weird Search bug with Lucene

Question asked by rsfeir on Dec 19, 2005
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2005 by rsfeir
Hello again.

I'm trying to implement checks on workflow with web services so that in the following scenario, I get back the approved content only.

So say I have 3 spaces:

1- Triage
2- Rejected
3- Approved.

I have a rule which says that when an item is added it needs to be approved or rejected.  If it's approved it goes in #3 and if rejected it goes in #2, when content is added it's added to #1.

Now that part works OK.

So I added a document with Title of Info to triage and I approved the document.  Then I added another document with title Info and rejected it.

With my service alive and kicking, I run a query which looks for any document named Info.  Don't care if it's rejected or accepted yet.

The problem is that I get a NPE because the resultset is null, in otherwords it can't find the document called Info.  It can find other documents which are in the Triage space.  If I add Info to triage, nothing comes back either and I get the NPE again.

I believe the problem might be Lucene related, where lucene is not indexing things right.  I am looking for all documents in the SpacesStore location.

Any clues why I would be getting vast differences in behavior when searching over web services?