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problem with using child association defined in model.xml

Question asked by pmarreddy on Dec 23, 2005
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2005 by pmarreddy
hi ,

i have problem understanding how child associations work, when defining in xml. i have searched in the datadictonary model, there i came to know how to define it.  i cannot find how to use it. when i am trying to use it i am getting this warning

16:26:50,640 WARN  [node.integrity.IntegrityChecker] Found 2 integrity violations:
Association type does not exist:
   Association Type: {{}contains}child
Association type does not exist:
   Association Type: {{}contains}child prop

i have defined my model

            <child-association name="cube:contains">

assocRef = nodeService.createNode(
                      QName.createQName(NAMESPACE, QName.createValidLocalName("node2")),