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Bad display of localized messages

Question asked by lgr on Dec 23, 2005
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2006 by kevinr

When creating a rule, in step 2, point 2, you have to click on a button to add a condition to the list, or define parameters and add.

The message displayed on the button is displayed incorrectly. For exemple, the following message is displayed (click_set_and_add):
"Cliquer pour définir les paramêtres et ajouter à la liste"

Original UTF-8 version is :
"Cliquer pour d\u00e9finir les param\u00eatres et ajouter \u00e0 la liste"
Original accented version is :
"Cliquer pour définir les paramètres et ajouter à la liste"

Something to point out : on step 3, the button is displayed correctly.