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datetime in webservice

Question asked by cburghardt on Dec 23, 2005
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2006 by rwetherall
Simple question: how do I set a custom property which is defined as d:datetime via CML? A CMLCreate takes a NamedValue[] as input but a NamedValue accepts only strings. I have tried to sent the date as ISO8601DateFormat because I found this in the converters but I always get the same error:
       {}RepositoryFault:<ns1:errorCode>0</ns1:errorCode><ns1:message>The property value is not compatible with the type defined for the property:
   property: {}date
   property value: PropertyValue[actual-type=DATE, multi-valued=false, value-type=STRING, value=2005-12-23 14:26:30,000]</ns1:message>