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Question asked by miketedesco on Jan 1, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2006 by enomaly
When do people think Alfresco will support Ruby-on-rails?     I saw a post or two on other languages, but I would like to open up further discussion on the topic of Ruby specifically.

I'm contemplating a conversion from my existing open-source content mangement platform.  It only supports JSP/servlets.   It is very cumbersome to integrate with and customize.   

I feel that in order for me to migrate to a new platform, I would want it to support Ruby for development of dynamic pages along with those from a light and nimble content management system.   Alfresco appears to be a candidate, and a deciding factor for our organization will be Ruby on Rails support.

What type of timetable / development appetite is there for Ruby support?

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