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Installing on linux debian, with jboss and postgree.....

Question asked by hsp on Jan 4, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2006 by ajr
Helio, I'm very glad with the possibility to test Alfresco.
But I'm in trouble with the installation on this configuration.
I've had followed the instructions about postgree and jboss but not sucessfuly.
Coud anyone send me a step by step to do Alfresco works on the configuration on the subject above?
Please, help me, because I'm new in this environment.
If you want I can send the jboss log….
I have some question too:
Does the Alfresco run in jboss (not jboss portal)?
How can I open the source in eclipse to analize it?
How can I take the database diagram in some modeling tool?
Is the database schema created in the first time Alfresco run? Because you only tell to create a database and a user by that file db_setup.sql (that instructions doesn't work on postgree…)