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Any Examples of assigning metadata via the Java API?

Question asked by fraser_crichton on Jan 8, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2006 by davidc

I'm looking for some examples of uploading a file into the Alfresco Repository  and then assigning Dublin Core metadata to it.

I've had a look at SimpleExampleWithContent which shows how to upload a file but not how to assign metadata to it.

In the Data Dictionary guide it says -

"The Alfresco public APIs provide support for managing custom Content Types and Aspects. For example, the Java API provides a Node Service which allows the creation of content of any Content Type, the setting and getting of Property values and the application of Content Aspects.

Types, Aspects, Properties and Associations are referred to by their name as defined in the model. "

and under the Node Service there are methods for getting and setting aspects and properties - which I'm guessing is how you'd set the metadata??

Any help would be much appreciated.