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backup and retrieve accidentally deleted file

Question asked by potatoinmiri on Jan 11, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2011 by flopez
Dear friends,

   I studied the forum in the last few days to look for topics related to backup and retrive lost files. I read that the backup system has 3 requirements, database, content and indexes.

Someone mentioned if the bin file is without the metadata then the file is useless.
Also mentioned the content and metadata might not be congruent after restoration.

So the conclusion is, what is the proper backup procedure? Just backup the database and the content directory? so if I need to restore, just replace the existing content directory and database with the backup copies?

Another point is, say if someone accidentally a file, how do I go about retrieving the deleted file?
I tried a document management system kt before, all uploaded files are stored in the actual linux directory. But I gave up kt for some reason.

yeah, alfresco database is quite different and the system is quite brilliant.
I am planning to push it for production very soon but without the knowledge of methods to backup and retrieving lost file, I am quite worried to upset users.

Hope anyone here can help me to answer my doubt, just proper way to backup and retrieve lost file.

thanks for taking time reading my mail, have a good day.