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Problem using template my_spaces.ftl

Question asked by lgr on Jan 11, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2006 by kevinr

Using this template as dashboard, all spaces from root node are showed as clickable links. When i click on one space, it redirects to the space details. But instead of redirecting directly to the details, it first asks me for an authentication.

While reading the page source, i see that when browsing spaces, it uses the browse form via a POST action :
onclick="document.forms['browse']['browse:act'].value='browse:link5';document.forms['browse']['id'].value='e9479399-7ff8-11da-a5c4-47c907178674';document.forms['browse'].submit();return false;"
Whereas when using the template, it redirects to a GET URL :

So i think some session ID is lost, so that i'm redirected to the login form.

Then, i replaced in the template file the GET URL by the POST form, but i don't know what does mean the browse:link5, and how to determine it. It does not seem to work properly when this value is wrong.(Note : i've added the <FORM id="browse" … in the template file, because current page is changed to dashboard.jsp)

Browsing instead viewing details raises the same question : i don't know how to determine the "_id" in : document.forms['browse']['browse:act'].value='browse:_id24'.

Can you help me ?

As a consequence, the template my_spaces.flt does not work properly.  :)