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Question asked by rberg on Jan 12, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2006 by rberg

I have a few permission questions I was hoping to have answered:

1) It is my understanding that permissionDefinitions.xml is where you would essentially define an “ACL” that is associated with a type or aspect. Then that definition could be assigned to a user or group. Is this correct?

2) Currently out-of-the-box the following roles exist: Contributor, Coordinator, Editor, Guest. Is it possible to define a custom role, and assign custom permissions to this role, perhapse specific to a type or aspect? If so, could an example of how to do this be provided?

3) Could permissions be configured in such a way that a type and/or aspect would be available to one group, but not any others? Again, if possible, an example would be great.

4) Does security extend beyond types and aspects? For example, could you limit which actions a user can choose when defining content rules for their space?

5) Would it be possible with security, to have multiple conceptual “company homes” within the same Store? For example with the following space structure:

Company Home (root of the store)


  |— Home 1

  |        |— Projects

  |                |— project 1

  |                |— etc…


  |— Home 2

           |— Projects

Then assume there were two groups Group1 and Group2.   Group1’s “company home” should be Home 1, and for all intents and purposes appear to be the root for all users in Group1.

Similarly Group2’s “company home” should be Home 2, and users in Group2 should not be allowed to go up any higher.

Would this be possible? Or would it be better to just set up a separate Store for each Group?

Thank you!