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Contributor, Coordinator, Guest  & Group Definition Plus

Question asked by sunento on Jan 13, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2006 by kevinr

1.) Does any one know where can I get an information about the definition of Contributor, Coordinator , Editor and Guest Role when creating a new user ? I browse some time on Wiki side, but could not manage to get any doc regarding this topic. :(

2.) I have tried to create a user A with Contributor Role, a user B with Coordinator and a user C with Guest Role. However, after I tried to login using respective Role, it seems there is no difference, i.e: all Role can access all Menu Items (creating Space, etc.)

3.) How do we setup a space and allow non member user (Guest) to access them without Authentication (Login) at all ? i.e: Announcement Board Space.

4.) How to create a new GROUP ? I noticed there is one default Group , which is "EveryOne". Is there any way to create a new group from the GUI / via XML configuration ?

Thanks in advance