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Simple workflow rules

Question asked by soeursourire on Jan 16, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2006 by soeursourire

I do not exactly understand how these simple workflow are working. Here is what I am testing:

- I create a space "Users"
- on this space I choose "Manage Content Rules"
- I create a rule Inbound "User Creation Approvement" with "Apply rule to sub spaces" checked (what is Run rule in Background exactly?)
- I select the conditions "All Items"
- I select the action "add simple workflow to item"
- in "approve flow" I decide to copy it in the space "final Users" with name of the approve step "Approve User"

But then if I go in the space "Users" I have Rules and my rule inside but I do not have workflow. And if I go on the user Space that I created before in Users I do not have the action "Approve User" on it. Is it normal?

I would like to see how these rules are treated. Are they stored in the database MySQL? How may I checked what we have in this database?

Thanks in advance for your help