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Check in vs. Update

Question asked by sk on Jan 17, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2006 by rwetherall
I am quite new to Alfreco, at the moment I am just "playing " around with the software. It looks quite good and we might use it .
However I do have a problem checkin in documents.
If I want to upload a document I have 2 options. 1st I can checkin the updated copy in the workspace, that works fine. I tried to upload the document on my desktop, the uploading works fine but The commnets for revision are deletet also is it impossible to make it a mayor revision.  Is this a bug?
I also tried to update a document which is not checked out. That works as well, The system will give a new minor revision to the document without myself having a chance to add coments for the revision.

How can I handel documents lets say revision 4,  we are using at the moment. Is there a way to upload the docs and start in alfresco with revision 4?
Thanks for your reply.