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RMI, JCR and the Giant Transaction (or lack there of)

Question asked by rdanner on Jan 17, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2007 by mindthegab
I am connecting to Alfresco via RMI (jackrabbit) over the JCR interace.  Per the new build I am throwing an exception in the Alfresco JCRProxy

I start a transaction on my side (which does not result in any kind of synchronization on Alfresco's side (AlfrescoTransactionSupport) which leads trxId to evaluate to null.

String trxId = AlfrescoTransactionSupport.getTransactionId();

if (trxId == null)
   throw new RepositoryException("Session must be used within the context of a transaction.");

What am i missing? do I need to do something special here? I shouldnt have to manage anything alfresco via the JCR interface.