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Is auto-versioning broken?

Question asked by ianpriest on Jan 18, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2006 by rwetherall

a source-code change seems to have disabled auto-versioning. Class org.alfresco.repo.version.VersionableAspect had a code change made to it at version 2098 as follows:

    private void queueCreateVersionAction(NodeRef nodeRef)


    private void queueCreateVersionAction(NodeRef nodeRef)
        // conditions are only evaluated on the parent rule - not the contained actions

Now when queueCreateAction() is called by onContentUpdate(), the  condition instance will evaluate to false for any node that has a version history, (because the condition is inverted), and so the rule doesn't fire and no new version is created. This has the effect that if I update a versioned file via (for example) CIFS it doesn't create a new version when I save the file. I've found that by reverting the change auto-versioning comes back.

At least that what I think is happening. Is it broken, or  am I missing something?