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Can't delete user

Question asked by simon on Jan 18, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2006 by andy
Hi again,

I created a user with a typo in his account name… because I couldn't change this name (seems that the username is used as a key or so) I tried to remove the user.

For some reason this didn't work as expected. Didn't get any error message but the user was still visible in the group I assigned him to. After removing this user manually from the group I could still see this user in the userlist. I deleted the home space of this user as well (I did this manually, don't know if these cleaning operations could be done by Alfresco). Trying to remove this user from the userlist a second time without luck:

Failed to delete User due to error: User does not exist: actvityleader_litho

Note: The user is still visible in the userlist…

I removed users before and that did work fine. I stopped / restarted Alfresco, had a look in the database and removed the reference in the "recipient" table.

In this recipient table I did find a reference to a user I removed a long time ago as well but then again I don't know where this recipient table is used for.