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Wildcards in search

Question asked by simon on Jan 20, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2010 by itbeb
Hi again,

Have a question concerning the search functionality.

1. First of all the 3 characters minimum is kind of annoying. What if I need all the documents for one specific author (defined in the more search options author field)? In this case I don't need to enter some other search sting…

2. What with the search wildcards? I would think I can use * and ? as wildcards as I would in an other search tool (Lucene has this). Problem is I don't really see how this will work in Alfresco. When I enter "somestr" Alfresco finds the document "somestring" but if I enter "somestr*" the document "somestring" doesn't show up.

Is this a configuration issue or a restriction in the current release (we use the enterprise 1.1.2 version)?

Update: When I try "*somestr*" the "somestring" document is found… don't get it.