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Can't find Alfresco's feature list, can it do this?

Question asked by curt504 on Jan 23, 2006
I apollogize for bothering with this post but after much searching about and I couldn't find a bullet point list of features.

My needs include configuration management (CM) and deployment:

Use case:

- content editors check out and in many files creating versions.
- The webmaster groups ALL files that will become the next revision of the website and gives it a name.  This group describes which files and which versions.

Use case done.

New use case:

- The webmaster deployes revisionname to the website.  Is there a hook for a script that is passed paths to all versioned files in this release?

- The webmaster may choose from many workflows depending on deploying to test, qa, production.

Use case done.

Reports of what files and versions are in each named release.
What files are orphened and not in any release etc etc.

Thanks, curt