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Exposing templates

Question asked by simon on Jan 23, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2006 by simon
Hi aigain,

These templates look very promising to build a website for our clients on top  of the Alfresco repository. Supposing that these templates and the PHP framework work well together we would like to create a different view (other HTML page) for some spaces.

Our folder structure looks like this:
    + Company Home
      - Contracts
        * Contract 1
        * Contract 2
      - Other spaces…
A template would show the documents with some metadata (version number, date added, etc.). I can now see this page in the dashboard view of every folder. So far so good…

Now, how can I hide all the other components for these users? I would like to give them a direct access link to this space (they are redirected to the login page first) but they shouldn't see the full featured Alfresco system, the webpage alone is enough. So only the dashboard view should be visible…