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Not able to transform OpenOffice files into PDF

Question asked by eduardolinhalis on Jan 23, 2006
Hi Guys,

   I'm trying to convert Open Office files (.sxw) to PDF and it's not working. :(
   Going deep into the java classes I've discovered a workaround to this situation:
   When I import a new .sxw document I tell to Alfresco that this file is "Plain Text" document instead of "OpenOffice 1.0/StarOffice 6.0 Writer 6.0". This is the only way to convert it into PDF when I invoke the transformation engine via "New Action", afterwards.
   Meanwhile, I would like to have it out-of-the-box. Could somebody help me?
   I'm using the code provided to download at 2006-01-18 and I have the OpenOffice 1.1.4 working properly in a Linux box.
   Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Eduardo Linhalis.