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Confused! What purpose does Alfresco serve?

Question asked by madhatter on Jan 24, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2006 by paulhh
I am looking for a java based content management system, to be used in a website context.. Alfresco showed up in my search for one… but I am unsure if Alfresco fits this role.

I downloaded, installed, and got running Alfresco. As far as I can see, I upload files to Alfresco, and Alfresco stores them into a database, using MySQL?

But how does this help me manage my website files? i.e. http://localhost/helloworld/index.html

Doing it the manual way, I would modify the index.html file located in my tomcat_installation_dir/webapps/helloworld directory.

Perhaps this is not Alfresco's purpose (managing website content,) if so what would one use Alfresco for?