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Developing Task List - a multi-user todo list

Question asked by turgayz on Jan 24, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2006 by turgayz
On the wiki page , there are some suggestions of contributions to Alfresco. Among them, I think that implementing the "Task List" will be one of the easiest. So let's start it as a community effort. If you are interested, please write your ideas, suggestions, code… Any help will be appreciated. In the end, I hope we can have a "Task List" contribution to Alfresco.

To start with, I'll try to gather the use cases I can think of - how will the task list be used?

- As a space: A user can create a "Task List" space within his/her home space. And then he can enter lots of "Task"s in it. (So, "Task" looks like a good candidate for a custom type). Later, he will update tasks, mark some of them  as completed, etc. We will be able to sort and filter tasks. There may also be department and company wide task lists.

- Tasks can be attached to other nodes: For example, we have a PDF document. A user will be able to attach a Task to the document. Like a manager attaching a task to a document, asking her assistant to modify some part of the document.

This is the functionality I can think of right now. For a start, please write any other use cases you think can be included in the functionality list.