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creating war - Alfresco code?

Question asked by shanmmugarajak on Jan 24, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2006 by gavinc
Hi all,

I wanted to build WAR file for the alfresco code, I did the following

1. Run the project-build.xml under projects\web-client\ folder, it displays the following error(The option I selected is build[defult])

[javac] Compiling 48 source files to D:\alfresco\alfresco-src-1.1.1\projects\core\build\classes

D:\alfresco\alfresco-src-1.1.1\common\build.xml:33: The following error occurred while executing this line:
D:\alfresco\alfresco-src-1.1.1\common\common.xml:24: Error running javac.exe compiler

Total time: 3 seconds

2. If I am right after building the WAR file running this project-build.xml, I need to run build.xml under /common folder

Alfresco Developer guys, kindly help me to solve creating this WAR and deployint it in the Jboss server (I am using ObjectWeb Lomboz, Eclipse 3.1 IDE)