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Upload file API?

Question asked by shanmmugarajak on Jan 24, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2008 by roman

I wanted to write code using ALFRESCO API's to upload a document, which API should I use to upload.

ALFRESCO DEVELOPERS: Can you people walk me through the skeleton of how-to go about this?

Also the following questions

1. The uploaded file will be stored in back end (MySQL) - is my understanding correct?

2. Can I design my application so as to have important information about the document (something like meta data abou the doc) to be input by the user and store that as well, if so how should I go about storing the document and the meta data of it in backend, does that require a new table to be designed or can I tweak to add new fields of an existing table (that u people have designed), if so which table?