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Any way to explode, rather than running build.xml

Question asked by shanmmugarajak on Jan 25, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2006 by shanmmugarajak

I have integrated Alfresco code in ObjectWeb Lomboz (Eclipse 3.1), made few changes in the JSP level, have set JDK1.5 and Jboss_home variables in build.xml environment, and was able to run the application which reflected the changes.

Now developers concern, I will have to tweak a lot at different layers to suit my requirement, in which case is there way, apart from running the build.xml to genereate and deploy .WAR file, can't I explode the WAR file make the modifications to the file and just restart the Jboss test server? Is this possible, if so how?

I am sure Alfresco development team will have their way to do it, as running the ant script for every modification and testing is painful.

Kindly reply