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Feature request: 'flexible' mails

Question asked by simon on Jan 26, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2006 by gavinc

Another feature request for you guys…

In addition to the group support for sending mails (raised as a feature in JIRA ACW-433) we would like to have some more flexibility in the contents of the mail.

We defined a rule that sends a message to the approver every time a document is dropped in a specific folder but there is no way of telling this approver which document this is (or to add some other metadata in this mail).

A new document (%documentName%) was added on %uploadDate% and is waiting for approval, please have a look. The document expires on %effectivityEndDate% so it’s crucial you approve or reject this document befor this date.

The ability to add simple variables (and not only static text) would be nice… any plans for something like this yet?