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Metadata validation

Question asked by simon on Jan 26, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2006 by paulhh

There doesn't seem to be any metadata validation in the Alfresco system at the moment. You can upload a document no matter what was entered and if the metadata was set correctly.

Are there any plans of adding some kind of metadata validation? It would be nice to check if the author is known in the LDAP or just to prevent an empty field. It's possible that this requirement is not always needed: should still be possible to upload an external document (author not known in the LDAP).

This LDAP stuff is just an example, metadata validation in general would be nice. And if so what would be the impact when I upload a document using CIFS or WebDAV?


Update (Jan 30): Did find some answers in this post Drop down list and mandatory metadata but I wonder how WebDAV and/or CIFS wil react if metadata validation will be possible… anyone?