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Alfresco for website content management

Question asked by pvaibhav on Jan 30, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2006 by kvc
We keep getting on small website projects with different content models every time.

The older model we followed is - Model the data in RDBMS and write a simple layer that can add, edit and delete records. Build a very simple user interface that can do this.

But with Alfresco in place I think we will be able to save lot of repetitive work.

I am not very sure how much work can be saved though.

Because if we change content model in alfresco, we will have to change user interface too. I wish there was a way to read up content model and automatically build a user interface - It is not impossible, but may be difficult.

To summarize -
Is it a good idea to use alfresco as content management for websites? Any suggestions? (For storing relational data not just page content).