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Repository administration

Question asked by jgoffinet on Jan 31, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2006 by rdanner
I need to emulate several repositories, with at least one admin for each repository. Users will be globally retrieved from a LDAP, but each admin should be able to set users rights, etc. in its repository. He should also be able to define groups of users for its repository.

In Alfresco world, the notion of repository is likely to be matched by spaces. Is it possible to set admin rights for one particular space ?

As far as I have understood, groups management is planned to be available in the next 1.2 enterprise release. Will groups be defined globally or will they be linked to a space ? In other words, will my repo admins be able to define groups by themselves, or will they have to ask a "global" admin ? (that would be very painful with thousands of users…)

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