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Bugs / Issues with Groups - 1.1.2 Enterprise

Question asked by rberg on Feb 1, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2006 by andy

There are a couple of strange things happening with groups that I believe may be bugs.

1) If you create two groups: "Group One" and "Group Two" and then create a sub-group beneath each called "Managers" problems start occuring. Specifically when you start adding users to either "Group One/Managers" or "Group Two/Managers" all users end up in the same "Managers" group.  Basically, it appears that all group names regardless of location in heirarchy need to be uniquely named.

2) If you try to create uniquely named sub-groups by using the parent group name as a prefix (e.g. "Group One/Group One Managers") the group panel just doesn't show anything. You need to go back up to root groups and choose the All view instead of Children view and then delete the sub-groups to solve the problem. However if you name the sub-group in this way: "Group One/GroupOneManagers" with no spaces, the issue doesn't occur.