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Creating a form as a content entry template

Question asked by kieron on Feb 2, 2006

Let me be honest, I'm completely new to Alfresco and I'm absolutely lost and could really do with some help.

What I was hoping to do was to extend the web client so that instead of just having the ability to enter HTML or other  complete documents as content that I could also present within the webclient a form for the user to complete that would accept input on vairous fields and upon submission store this content as an xml content item that could then later be viewed using a template. I've had a look in the documentation and on the forums and all I find is the following:

This is incomplete and furthermore relies upon a third party java applet for something that I was considering could easily be handled by a simple form. I'm hoping I wasn't wrong.

Are any of you kind experts out there able to offer a simple example of how to achieve what I am talking about that I can use to guide me? It would be extremely helpful in getting me started.

Many thanks in advance.