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Hiding of auxiliary files in the web client

Question asked by macbar on Feb 4, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2006 by gavinc

Some WebDAV and/or CIFS clients create special config files in the different directories they visit. One example is Apple's Finder that creates .DS_Store files.

In my special case, I created a space in which I put 4 presentations I recently made using WebDAV:
    Debian for RPM experts.pdf
    ZLM X-Tend Days.pdf
When I checked in the web client afterwards, I noticed not only a .DS_Store file but also
    ._Debian for RPM experts.pdf
    ._ZLM X-Tend Days.pdf
Is it much work to have these files hidden in the web client?
I noticed in another post that you already considered filtering out these kinds of files, but could you give us some kind of time frame?

Thanks a lot,