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Some questions about security

Question asked by strinchero on Feb 6, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2006 by kevinr
Hi all,
i'm evaluating the usage of alfresco for a project, i like it very much, but i'm in need of some clarification, especially about difficulty/time of certain customization we need to do:

1. i need to setup a hiearachy of spaces, from wich users create the 'working space'. For that, space templates are an ideal solution, but it seems that security on the template folders does get ignored on the 'created' hierarchy. I need security to stay in place, is this an hard/long feature (for us, completely new to alfresco) to introduce ?

2. When users create their 'working space', i need the owner not to be the user who created, but the administrator (to have proper rights management). I'have seen the Ownable aspect, it's possible (and not too time consuming) to customize it to get this behavior ?

3. Search: it looks like the standard search (not advanced) can't search the description field. It's only a matter of modifing the constructed query, (adding that field to the lucene query that get executed) or i will need more extensive changes ?

tnks in advance