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Adding additional pages to the Add Content Wizard

Question asked by davewhit on Feb 8, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2008 by roman
I've attempted to add new steps to the Add Content Wizard and have had decent success thus far. However, I have some distance to go yet and haven't gotten all of the details ironed out.

In particular, I was hoping somebody could help me with the following items:

1) I assume there is some instance of one of the Java Collection types in one of the beans that declares how many steps are in the Add Content wizard. Which class is it and what is the name of the variable? How is this list populated?

2) I have inserted a new step into the three step Add Content Wizard thus making it four steps. My new step is now step one. I've noticed that as I step through the wizard, the "Steps" panel lags one behind the step I'm actually at. I'm sure this is more than just a formatting issue and likely relates to an important control variable for tracking steps and their progress. Could somebody discuss the process that is at work here and provide further detail about classes, variables, and the rough algorithm that is at play for this process.