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Custom Workflows/Rules

Question asked by lnagra on Feb 8, 2006

I have a requirement to build a workflow that operates as follows:

    Every user can be a contributor and has their own home subspace under a space named DRAFTS

    When they upload a document, it should be forwarded to a space called PENDING APPROVAL ready for a reviewer to Aprrove/Reject the document

    If the document is Approved, it should be moved to a space named PUBLISHED.
So far so good… I can make a rule like this from the web client itself, but it gets trickier.

    If the document is Rejected by the reviewer, it should be returned to the contributor user's space.
I can do this on an individual basis for each contributor user, but I will have many (500+) users, and they will be changing frequently. The process of manually creating a rule for each will not be sustainable.
I do not wish for the documents to be returned to the draft space, it is important that they are placed in DRAFT/[contributor username]

Is there a way to programatically create these rules and link them to the creation of a new user or create one rule that applies to subspaces in this way?

I would be keen to hear from the developers on this subject.

Kind Regards,