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Change Default View for Browse.jsp

Question asked by lnagra on Feb 10, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2006 by kevinr
Does anyone know how to change the default view for browse.jsp

I wish to make the 'Details' view rather than browse be the default and in fact, remove the option to select different views altogether.

I can see this in browse.jsp

<%– View mode settings –%>
                              <h:outputText style="padding-left:26px" styleClass="mainSubTitle" value="#{msg.view}"/><br>
                              <a:modeList itemSpacing="3" iconColumnWidth="20" selectedStyleClass="statusListHighlight" disabledStyleClass="statusListDisabled" selectedImage="/images/icons/Details.gif"
                                    value="#{BrowseBean.browseViewMode}" actionListener="#{BrowseBean.viewModeChanged}">
                                 <a:listItem value="details" label="#{msg.details_view}" />
                                 <a:listItem value="icons" label="#{msg.view_icon}" />
                                 <a:listItem value="list" label="#{msg.view_browse}" />
                                 <a:listItem value="dashboard" label="#{msg.dashboard_view}" disabled="#{!NavigationBean.currentNodeHasTemplate}" />

This just looks like it's used to change the views rather than set the default.

And have had a look in BrowseBean.jsp for default variables or if it's set during the constructor, but with no luck.

Any help?