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How do I search within a file in Alfresco using webservices?

Question asked by jiehuanli on Feb 10, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2006 by jiehuanli
This is really urgent, I would appreciate it very much if somebody can help.

I added several .html files as content to alfresco, and I want to search on the full body of the html files to find key words so that I can implement the website's search function. I tried a code very similar to the webservice example 2, but no results were returned even though I know the files that I added contain the keyword "virginia" in them. Any ideas?
I thought when I add the conent to the repository, html transformer would kick in, and the entire file content would be indexed in lucene, was I wrong?

The query in my code is like this:

Query query = new Query(QueryLanguageEnum.lucene, "TEXT:virginia*");


Jiehuan Li