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How to configure Alfresco Java Content Repository for WIKI

Question asked by razali on Feb 14, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2007 by mikeh
Dear Gentlemen,

I am really interested in testing the WIKI functionality thru configuration  of Alfresco Java Content Repository API. But, I don't know the complete process of making it a reality.

What I have done so far are :
(1) Register the WikiModel.xml and modify some Web client configuration for WIKI model implementation in web-client-config.xml and web-client-config-edit-properties.xml files as descibed in the documentation of Introducing  Alfresco Java Content Repository API.
(2) Building the jcr modules from the alfresco source code by Ant, so that now I have alfresco-jcr.jar and alfresco-jcr-tck.war files.

What are the next steps for activating the WikiModel in Tomcat? 

Please help me by providing 'step by step' in completing the rest job, until I can visualize the Wiki nodes in alfresco web client.

Thank you for your kind HELP.