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Inline XML Editor Integration (Authentic)

Question asked by a5sk4s on Feb 15, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2006 by a5sk4s
After some back and forth, I've been able to successfully integrate Authentic as an inline editor for XML.

There are a few questions/concerns though that I would like to discuss.

Unfortunately, I couldn't bring Authentic to read the content from the editor <div> on the page - Altova's final answer on why not is still pending.  So I needed a URL to feed it into Authentic during page load.  I couldn't find one in the CheckinCheckoutBean, so I added the getBrowserUrl() method from the DocumentDetailsBean.  This looks a bit like a hack, but works.  Is there a better way?  What are the implications for checkin/checkout doing it this way?

Currently Schema and Stylesheet (SPS) are hardcoded.  I'm thinking to provide them via aspects.  Or is there an architecturally better approach within Alfresco?  I'm open to feedback.

Also, Authentic comes as an ActiveX control and requires IExplorer, but for our current purpose that is fine.

Thanks for any answers.