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Alfresco and custom developments

Question asked by simon on Feb 16, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2006 by enomaly
How does Alfresco sees custom developments and new updates work together?

I could develop some piece of software that could be useful for other people / companies and try to convince you guys of my excellent developers skills so you would add my extension to the new Alfresco release but what if I try to write some very specific additions that are only useful for my company, how can I be sure that this code will still work in the next version?

From version 1.2 of the repository, the system configuration has been designed to be extensible and overridable.

If I wrote some code that changes these files (not that I did, just as an example) I should reevaluate all my programs to check if it's compliant with this new way of work. More aspects of the Alfresco system will change in the near future and more people will use Alfresco as a framework so how do you make sure that this developments aren't wasted efforts?

Your view on standards, the PHP library and roadmap will help but will this be enough?

I didn't really find an answer on this question in the forum or WIKI.