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Navigation Rule!

Question asked by shanmmugarajak on Feb 17, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2006 by shanmmugarajak

My understaning is we define all navigations in faces-config-navigation.xml based on the string returned by the controller class of the from-view-id jsp.

I tried modifying the navigation rule of Login.jsp, the original rule is on positive cases from Login.jsp system navigates to browse.jsp, this is defined by the following rule in faces-config-navigatoin.xml


I commented the above rule, and included the following

I ran through build.xml and ensured I have a new WAR, inspite of this from Login it navigates to browse.jsp only!?!

Alfresco Developers/Others: Where am I missing? Is my understanding of Alfresco navigation right? Kindly throw lights on this.