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Question asked by pichai on Feb 21, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2006 by pichai
What is the best way to add a custom content viewer?

I'm new to Alfresco and a bit lost in the sea of Alfresco documentation.

I have to deal with text files generated from a legacy ERP system.  I want users to view those text files directly on the browser. Those text files need to be reformatted before they can be shown on the browser. Some of the text files are very large. It would be nice to let users interactively select to view different sections within the text file.

So the viewer could be a servlet that knows how to display the text files and interact with users. How do I integrate this servlet to Afresco?

Should I add a new aspect and a custom action?
Or I should just hack and put another link in the link section of document details. This link would point to my custom servlet.