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Use MS Office as PDF convertor

Question asked by simon on Feb 23, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2006 by choon
Hi again,

This may sound as a strange question but is it possible to replace the OpenOffice text conversion engine by MS Office?

Our company supports MS Office (as most companies probably) but doesn't support OpenOffice. Starting with Alfresco would mean even more work for the helpdesk and we are not sure we could guarantee a 100% match with difficult Word documents or horrible PowerPoint presentations.

Does anyone has some experience with this or can OpenOffice guarantee flawless conversions for - even the most complicated - MS Office documents to PDF?

Even more important: what if the conversion fails?! Our plan is to setup an automated conversion to PDF rule for all our external documents, it's impossible to check all those documents manually so is there some way to detect (and solve) conversion errors?